18 Oct 2010


Our dearest friend (and Summer Intern) Roz from Clothes, Cameras and Coffee has designed a dress titled 'Scoliodress.' This inspiring 15 year old model, who is also a keen photographer & fashion designer discovered last year that she had a medical condition that affects her spine called scoliosis. In true Roz style she has designed & created a dress that is not only fashionable, but also highlights the condition scoliosis. She then set out modeling it herself for the photo shoot. For her dress she used X-rays of her own spine to depict the line of her own vertebrae. On Wednesday 20th she is due to have Spinal Surgery to straighten, fuse and pin her vertebrae. We want to wish her all the love we possibly can for everything to go well. Sending lots of love from the Goodchild HQ and Home. XXX

If you would like to read her article on her blog click HERE.