3 Mar 2015


One of my ongoing design projects is for a Bristol based orchestra 
who perform three Bristol concerts a year.  
I design all the concert promotional material for the orchestra. 
This particular concert has a Russian theme with soloist Natalia Lomeiko 
The programme is Borodin, Prokofiev and Tchaikovsky

The Concert:  St Georges, Bristol on Saturday 7th March 2015. 
For more details and to buy tickets, please click HERE.

A sample of the 20 page concert programme

Bristol Magazine Advert

Concert Flyer

Henleaze & Westbury Voice


The style needed to be 'Russian' based on the fact it was an evening of Russian music, with a Russian soloist. I looked at some old Russian posters to get some ideas on a good colour pallet with a Russian feel. I wanted to use just three colours as in the style below. The added orange is simply because it was strongly present in the concert venue logo, I needed to incorporate it somehow.

I then looked at some different styles of Russian typography and hunted around to find a font that would give the same feel, but at the same time be readable. There is always a lot of text that goes into a classical concert poster so it is important to make sure the relevant information for the concert stands out. 

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