13 Aug 2012


The September 2012 issue of the Wedding Ideas magazine features our 

With our bespoke wedding range we can incorporate your photograph and wording into the design. We can also work on your photograph to give it a vintage feel if needed. The invitation is full colour front and back and your wording inside in one black. 

You can have a Wedding Blog designed to coordinate your wedding invitations. Having a wedding blog will cut down on the amount of bits of paper normally stuffed into your wedding invitation. The blog will have all details that your guests will need: the map, hotel information, train station, RSVP's, wedding list and much more! 

Why not have the wedding blog address inside your wedding invitation.

You can see a selection of some of our blogs and invitations on our wedding page HERE.

8 Aug 2012


I recently got an email from a Bethany Wivell, journalist for The Bristol Magazine. She wanted to interview me about my design work for the Business Profile section of the magazine. I am honoured to be in such a lovely magazine. Here is the article in the August 2012 issue. Click on the image to enlarge, if you would like to read. I must admit that I completely forgot to say that the photograph of me was taken by Rosa Fay Photography, so I am giving her a big shout out now! 

The photograph the magazine used in the contents page is one I took of our new wedding range: Bride & Groom, at No 4, Clifton. A stunning Clifton hotel (soon to be featured on the Wedding Blog Designer).

The other photograph the magazine used was one of the several sized heart boxes that we were released as a limited edition chocolate box cover by Charbonnel et Walker, London. I believe these are now out of stock. I did get chocolate samples from Charbonnel et Walker and they were very lovely indeed!