1 Jan 2013


The very lady who first inspired me to work with paper as a medium was Lottie Reiniger. I just love her work and although her work is very detailed, she used only scissors to cut the papers. Her Paper-cut films were so inspiring to me. The attention to detail is outstanding. Lotte Reiniger had an astonishing facility with cutting - holding the scissors still in her right hand, and manipulating the paper at lightning speed with her left hand so that the cut always went in the right direction.

Lotte Reiniger, Berlin (1899 - 1981)
As a child, she was fascinated with the Chinese art of silhouette puppetry, even building her own puppet theater so that she could put on shows for her family and friends. As a teenager, Reiniger fell in love with cinema, first with the films of Georges Méliès for their special effectsIn 1915, the young woman attended a lecture by Wegener that focused on the fantastic possibilities of animation. After a bit of persuasion, she convinced her parents to enroll her in the acting group Wegener belonged to, the Theater of Max Reinhardt. In an attempt to attract the attention of her distant and very-busy hero, she started making silhouette portraits of the various actors around her. This had its desired effect, and soon she was making elaborate title cards for Wegener's films, many of which featured silhouettes.

You must watch one of her short films made in 1922 - all out of paper cuts and a camera.

  • 1919 The Ornament of the Lovestruck Heart
  • 1920 Amor and the Steady Loving Couple
  • 1921 The Star of Bethlehem
  • 1922 Sleeping Beauty
  • 1922 The Flying Suitcase
  • 1922 The Secret of the Marquise
  • 1922 Cinderella
  • 1923–26 The Adventures of Prince Achmed (feature)
  • 1923 Dr. Dolittle and His Animals (3 shorts)
  • 1927 The Chinese Nightingale
  • 1928 The Seemibngly Dead Chinese
  • 1930 Ten Minutes of Mozart
  • 1931 Harlekin
  • 1932 Sissi
  • 1933 Carmen
  • 1934 The Stolen Heart
  • 1935 The Little Chimney Sweep
  • 1935 Galathea: The Living Marblestatue
  • 1935 Kalif Storch
  • 1935 Papageno
  • 1936 Silhouettes (animation scenes)
  • 1936 Puss in Boots
  • 1937 The Tocher. Film Ballet
  • 1938 The HPO – Heavenly Post Office
  • 1944 The Goose That Lays the Golden Eggs
  • 1951 Mary's Birthday
  • 1953 The Magic Horse
  • 1954 Aladdin and the Magic Lamp
  • 1954 Caliph Storch
  • 1954 Cinderella
  • 1954 Puss in Boots
  • 1954 Snow White and Rose Red
  • 1954 The Frog Prince
  • 1954 The Gallant Little Tailor
  • 1954 The Grasshopper and the Ant
  • 1954 The Little Chimney Sweep
  • 1954 The Sleeping Beauty
  • 1954 The Three Wishes
  • 1954 Thumbelina
  • 1955 Hansel and Gretel
  • 1955 Jack and the Beanstalk
  • 1961 The Frog Prince
  • 1975 Aucassin and Nicolette
  • 1979 The Rose and the Ring