15 Oct 2014


I am very happy that my latest design project for a Bristol based orchestra is a charity concert raising money for St Peter's Hospice. For me personally, it has been one of those years where many friends have died and coincidentally, quite a few of them had cause to use St Peter's Hospice in some way (either staying at the hospice or needing home visits in their final days). Having worked with them over the past few months, I can see the amazing work they do at the Hospice. Carmina Burana is a stunning choral piece and even if you think you don't know it, you will recognise it. In this concert there will be over 270 singers joining the orchestra, along with 3 fine soloists. For more details of the concert and to buy tickets, please click HERE.

Branding Design and Promotional material for the concert

Front and back of the Concert Flyer

The Bristol Magazine full page advert

Sample of the 20 page programme

6 foot vinyl banners

Advert in Clifton Life 

Concert Email Flyer

Advert in the BS9, BS8 and BS6 Magazines

Concert Leaflets left in 47 St Peter's Shops in Bristol

14 Oct 2014


Nicholas McCarthy with Bristol Metropolitan Orchestra
Performing at St Georges, Bristol   
Photography by Rachel Goodchild
One of my photographs was used in this article by Pianist, Nicholas McCarthy, written for the the BBC Music Magazine blog. One of my ongoing projects is as designer to the Bristol Metropolitan Orchestra, where I create all their concert branding and publicity. I always take photographs of each concert, so I can use them for publicity. Read Pianist, Nicholas McCarthy's, article on "Why there needs to be more role models for disabled musicians." Click the image below to enlarge or read the full article by clicking: HERE.

Nicholas McCarthy with Bristol Metropolitan Orchestra at St Georges, Bristol

Nicholas McCarthy with Bristol Metropolitan Orchestra at St Georges, Bristol

2 Sept 2014


A new Book, CD and download that celebrates the Bristol music scene between the periods 1974 - 1981 

Here is a book that may be of importance to Bristol folk or general music lovers. The book and CD are due for release on October 6th 2014, this is guaranteed to be a really good read, and for me, pretty much sums up my teen years! 

This was a time before the internet, and we had no You Tube, no music downloads, and  no Facebook. Our evenings would consist of listening to live music in small Bristol venues or hanging out in The Dug Out listening to DJ's play their choice of music. It was also a time when every other friend and/or family member played in a band. During 1974 to 1981 I had a brother who played drums in the Cortinas and Gardez Darkx, a father who was manager of the Cortinas, a sister who sang in the Spics and The Sidneys, and a brother who played guitar in a band and took photos of the band scene over this time. We didn't have mobile phones, so no mobile phone cameras, making photographs of these gigs a rare thing. John Spink's photographs, combined with author, Gill Loats' words, make this book a great time capsule of this period in Bristol. Accompanying the book is also a CD and download featuring 22 tracks from the band scene at this time.

See below for more details on the book and the CD

About Bristol Boys Make More Noise

Bristol’s leading counter-culture publishers Tangent Books and Bristol Archive Records have joined forces to produce a photographic book, download and CD celebrating the Bristol music scene 1974-1981.

The book is based on the work of John Spink one of the few photographers to capture the Bristol music scene from the mid 1970s to the early 1980s. John moved to Bristol from London in 1972 and fell in with the band Magic Muscle who lived in the communal ‘Fun House’ in Cotham’ He worked as an occasional photographer for music mags as well as performing in some early shows by the surrealist Crystal Theatre.

He pioneered a technique of processing black and white film using X-ray developer which enabled him to shoot in low light (such as clubs) without using flash. This collection not only captures the Bristol scene during these years as Bristol music moved from 70s rock (Magic Muscle) through punk (The Cortinas) to the experimental adventurers The Pop Group and The Various Artists but also showcases John’s unique photographic style.

In 1981, John left Bristol for New York where he worked for Caroline Records. He now lives in Northern California and works as a tour manager for a large music merchandising company.

John’s pictures are put in context by author Gill Loats who was at the heart of the Bristol music scene working as a DJ at the infamous Dug Out Club and watching live music most nights of the week.

The release of the book is accompanied by the launch of a CD and download. The CD features 22 tracks including contributions from Magic Muscle, The Cortinas, Shoes for Industry, The Various Artists, The Ratbites From Hell, The Spics and The X-Certs.

The limited-edition CD features a 44-page booklet with sleeve notes by Thomas Brooman CBE who played drums with The Media, The Spics and The Sidneys before going on to co-found WOMAD and Real World Records with Peter Gabriel..

Said Richard Jones of Tangent Books: ‘I’ve known Mike Darby from Bristol Archive Records for many years and we both work in similar areas celebrating Bristol’s rich counter-culture, but this is the first time we’ve worked together. It’s a really exciting project bringing together John Spink’s photography and Gill Loats’ written memories with a CD and download. It’s a fantastic package that begins to make sense of the early years of the Bristol Sound.’

Book Details:
Bristol Boys Make More Noise: The Bristol Music Scene 1974-1981
Photography by John Spink, words by Gill Loats • £14 • 200 pages
203mm x 241mm (landscape)
Isbn: 978-1-910089-07-1
Available 6th Oct, 2014
Distributor: Central Books
Sales: Richard Jones richard@tangentbooks.co.uk

CD Details: 
Bristol Boys Make More Noise: The Soundtrack 1974-1981 
ARTIST: Various Artists
TITLE: Bristol Boys Make More Noise: The Soundtrack 1974-1981
RELEASE DATE: 6th October 2014
LABEL / DISTRIBUTION: Bristol Archive Records / Shellshock

FORMAT:  Limited Edition, numbered, 44 page booklet and Digital Download

CD Tracklisting:
Bristol Boys Make More Noise: The Soundtrack

 1.   Magic Muscle: Free As A Bird
 2.   The Cortinas: Defiant Pose
 3.   The Spics: You And Me
 4.   Gardez Darkx: Bliss
 5.   The Radicals: Nights Of Passion
 6.   Talisman: Run Come Girl
 7.   The X-Certs: Queen And Country
 8.   The Media: New Blood
 9.   Joe Public: Yellow Runs Forever
10.  The Spics: Angels In The Rain
11.  Sneak Preview: Slugweird
12.  The Various Artists: Unlucky In Love
13.  The Various Artists: Time Of My Life
14.  The Stingrays: Exceptions
15.  The Untouchables: Keep On Walking
16.  Wendy Partridge & Joanna Swan (The Spics): Fire
17.  Shoes for Industry: Sheep Dog Trial In A Babylon
18.  C.C. Sager: Deathbed Lullaby
19.  The Fabulous Ratbites From Hell: Sparkle
20.  The Dragons: Best Of Both Worlds

Bonus Tracks:

21.  The Vultures: She’ll Be Back
22. The Sidneys: Bleak Grey Skies

11 Aug 2014


It is that time of year when I start to sort out this years exhibitors for Christmas at the Orangery 2014. This year will be the 14th year of organising a Christmas event where designers and makers sell their goods in the run up to Christmas.


17 Jun 2014


Design project for a Bristol based Orchestra. Artwork for their upcoming concert in St George's, Bristol on 5th July 2014. Cello soloist, Kwesi Edman, from the Royal Academy of Music has collaborated with players from the Academy of St. Martin in the FieldsSouthbank SinfoniaRoyal Opera Orchestra, and Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment. He has also performed next to David Beckham at the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics.

William Goodchild, conductor

Kwesi Edman, cello

Mendelssohn Overture, “Athalie”
Saint Saëns Cello Concerto No 1 in A minor
William Goodchild New Work for Cello and Orchestra
Brahms Symphony No 3 in F

Bristol Metropolitan Orchestra welcomes Kwesi Edman back to St George’s for the performance of two exciting works for cello: the first is Saint Saens’ virtuosic concerto which is spellbinding as it soars between the instrument’s registers; the second is the world première of a new concerto by award-winning Bristol composer, orchestrator and conductor William Goodchild, written specially for Kwesi and this orchestra.

To buy tickets, please click HERE.

Posters and flyers

Email Flyer

Concert advertisement in The Bristol Magazine 

Concert advertisement in the Clifton Magazine

26 Mar 2014


The official launch of Rachel Goodchild Designs took place during the Spring of 2004. This was the year the website was launched and I booked up to exhibit at my first trade show. I had, in fact, been creating greeting cards from 2001. 

Rachel Goodchild Promo Postcard from 2005
We are currently relocating the studio, and have been sorting through two large rooms, full of stuff: years of papers, files, artworks, tools, and not to mention, stock!  I recently came across this promo postcard (see above) that I had made for our first trade show at Top Drawer in 2005.  It is funny looking back, and I was amused by how many spotty designs I did in the early years!

I launched the business with 12 gift wrap designs 

In the brochure above for the 2005 trade show, I can see that I launched the business with 12 different ranges. Some of these are still good sellers today, but I have decided, with the big change around, that the spots must finally go! 

Top Drawer Autumn 2005 - Rachel Goodchild Designs
It is funny looking back at these images of the first trade show, as it all looks rather bland. I didn't really know what I was doing or how to display my products. However, It was a successful show for me and I have carried on and since learnt many things over the years. 

Top Drawer Autumn 2005 - Rachel Goodchild Designs

2001 Brochure - Rachel Goodchild Designs
If that is not enough to take me down memory lane, I also found a box of past brochures, starting from this one (above) from 2001. I was on maternity leave at the time with my second child and I started creating artwork and greeting cards by hand. These I sold in local galleries and shops. The bug must have got hold of me as I didn't stop! Needless to say, I never returned to my teaching job. My business was, at this time, known as 'Paper Designs'.

2002 Brochure - Rachel Goodchild Designs

Between 2001 and 2005 I developed the number of my ranges and introduced gift wrap and gift tags into the collection. I also started an annual design event now known as Christmas at the Orangery. In the first event there were three other exhibitors and myself exhibiting in my family home. Since that time the event has grown organically over the years. In 2013 we had 35 exhibitors with a large number of customers through the door.

2003 Brochure - Rachel Goodchild Designs

2004 Brochure - Rachel Goodchild Designs

2004 brought about the renaming of my business from 'Paper Designs' to 'Rachel Goodchild'.  I started working on the website and signed up for my first trade show at Top Drawer. 

2005 Brochure - Rachel Goodchild Designs


It is no surprise to see where my original inspiration came from! Below are some photos (dug out of a box and taken with my iPhone). The original images were taken for inspiration between 2001 and 2004. I loved the natural formation of rocks. Hence the reason for so many circular shapes in my original designs!


We have since gone onto to exhibit at many events from England and over to San Francisco. More posts coming soon on the early years of the business as we relocate and get ready to celebrate 10 official (and 14 unofficial) years in business.