24 Mar 2015


Introducing 'The Art of Online Marketing'
 a one day intensive workshop

DATE:    Thursday 23rd April 2015 

TIME:     10am - 5pm Beverages and lunch included

VENUE:  No.4 Clifton Village, The Rodney Hotel, 4 Rodney Place, Clifton, Bristol BS8 4HY
               Held in the Admiral Room

This workshop has been created for small businesses, sole traders, restaurants, caf├ęs, hotels, retail shops, and people offering some kind of service. If you are needing to promote a service, product, place, venue, events, skill, etc. this will be invaluable for you. 

The day will include:
  • Understanding how marketing works for you and your business
  • Using online marketing to generate traffic to your website 
  • Developing brand consistency 
  • Discovering your market and what its interests are
  • Discussing the importance of creating good content
  • Accessing and interpreting your online statistics
  • Taking a user journey of your online presence
  • Understanding social media and using it efficiently and effectively
  • Creating an action plan for you and your business
You will come away with a much clearer picture of what you need to do to market your business online. A plan of action will be given out at the end of the day.

* There is a 10% reduction for two people booking together (one invoice): eg. two people from one company or two friends in separate businesses.

Places are limited

Click  HERE  to book a place on this workshop

No.4 Clifton Village - the venue

For directions, click on the Google map link: HERE

 Admiral Room

 What people say...

"Yesterday was such a useful day for me, so thanks again for everything. In fact I think it is definitely one of the most useful workshops I have attended in a long time: pitched at exactly the right level for us non-digital-native, slightly social-media-sceptical translators! Packed full of useful tips and tricks and extremely inspiring. Suddenly Twitter and Blogging make sense to me"
Kari Koonin FITI, Professional translator

"My new blog is such an amazing platform for me to share my passion, builds my brand and direct traffic to my website. I wish i had attended your course over a year ago as it is now straight forward and addictive. I now find the time to update the blog as often as possible, but mainly because i now understand how to utilise this amazing tool which is free and supports my work as well as communicating to potential customers. Thanks
Lisa Keating, Corset Maker

"Thank you for the very informative workshop, it really was an eye-opener! I honestly couldn’t see the point of Twitter previously but now I will get blogging and use Twitter to spread the word"

Amanda WilsonLighthouse Translations

"Also, after your fantastic twitter workshop I've been getting to grips with it and getting some good action so to speak as a "shop window" and would love to have a blog as my "shop" - and feel there's a momentum going to the mo".

Sian Tudor, Photographer

"Thank you so much again for the blogging workshop yesterday. I hope I didn't ask too many questions but am getting very excited about the blog. Will crack on with content and other homework as suggested and look forward to seeing you at the next workshop. Many many thanks"
Mark Hessey, Homeopath

14 Mar 2015



Surface Pattern Design: Photographic designs:

My idea was to create a pattern that incorporated many numbers, but to also have an urban, gritty feel. Urban Numbers (first published in 2010) was created by a series of photographs taken in my hometown Bristol over the year 2009. When I set about photographing numbers around Bristol, I was looking for different styles of numbers: in different settings, with different textures, colours and mediums. The main thing for me was they all needed to be actual numbers that were in use, so had meaning to someone.  Each number I used in this pattern was taken because it was in use within City of Bristol. Some are house numbers, office numbers, road markings, lamp post signage, etc. Within the pattern are numbers that have great meaning to me also, my home number and my parents house (which is the house I was born in), for example. For those of you who don't know Bristol, it is a really lovely city full of creative people, and when I say creative, here are just a few  J K RowlingWallace and Gromit, Banksy, Cary Grant, Beryl Cook, Damien Hirst, Jeremy Irons, Lee Evans, John Cleese, to name but a few!

In 2015 Bristol was made Green Capital of Europe. The Green Capital is awarded to cites to recognise and reward local efforts to improve the environment, the economy, and the quality of life of growing urban populations. To read more about Bristol's Green Capital, click HERE. Or you can also read an article in the Guardian about Bristol Green Capital, click HERE


3 Mar 2015


One of my ongoing design projects is for a Bristol based orchestra 
who perform three Bristol concerts a year.  
I design all the concert promotional material for the orchestra. 
This particular concert has a Russian theme with soloist Natalia Lomeiko 
The programme is Borodin, Prokofiev and Tchaikovsky

The Concert:  St Georges, Bristol on Saturday 7th March 2015. 
For more details and to buy tickets, please click HERE.

A sample of the 20 page concert programme

Bristol Magazine Advert

Concert Flyer

Henleaze & Westbury Voice


The style needed to be 'Russian' based on the fact it was an evening of Russian music, with a Russian soloist. I looked at some old Russian posters to get some ideas on a good colour pallet with a Russian feel. I wanted to use just three colours as in the style below. The added orange is simply because it was strongly present in the concert venue logo, I needed to incorporate it somehow.

I then looked at some different styles of Russian typography and hunted around to find a font that would give the same feel, but at the same time be readable. There is always a lot of text that goes into a classical concert poster so it is important to make sure the relevant information for the concert stands out.