12 May 2015


If you're attending the Surtex Show in New York (May 17, 18, 19 2015), please stop by to say hello to the team from Surface Pattern Design Guild: Sonja SnavelySony PurbaOdessa BegayRose KausekKim Cooper, and Miriam Dym. They'll be in booth #752

Surface Pattern Design Guild is a community of professionals in the textile, surface, and pattern design industry based in San FranciscoCalifornia. They are a 100% volunteer run, not-for-profit organization whose mission is to support their members by connecting them with networking opportunities, business resources, and continuing education, as well as offer them invaluable exposure.

The Guild is open to designers, illustrators, artists, and students within the industry. The majority of their members provide commercial design services, often intended for large scale production, for a variety of markets including apparel, home furnishing, home fashion and tabletop, quilting and crafts, paper products, and even electronics. 

"We here at the Surface Pattern Design Guild are very excited to be hosting a booth for the second year at the Surtex Show in New York City on May 17-19th. Our goal for the show is to showcase our members work, find new members to add to our supportive community, open networking opportunities for our members, introduce art directors to our online member portfolios, and find interesting speakers for our monthly meetings that will bring learning opportunities to our members. We received some fabulous work this year from our members which we'll be showcasing on our booth walls at the show" (see some samples below).
—Jill Turney 
SPDG steering committee founding member

(17th, 18th, 19th May 2015)
Booth #752

Amy Peppler Adams

Jill Turney

Sonja Snavely

Charlotte Gaisford

Ronnie Oliver

Andi Butler

Christine Heinicke

Pamela Farmer

Jennifer Holbrook

Sarah York

Rachel Goodchild

Joanne Paynter

Amido Rapkin

Amy Peppler Adams

Rachel Goodchild

Kali Kurtz

Jessie Ozone

Renée Ciufo

Odessa Begay

Dayse Gagne

Charlotte Gaisford

Jennifer Thayer

Ura Jones

Sony Purba

Sony Purba


Kiera Lofgreen

Joni Barriere

Izabella Waszkielewicz

Kim Cooper

Varpu Kronholm

Lisa Wolff

Amido Rapkin

Wendy Lin

Sam Osborne

Our guild was created out of a desire of a few fellow textile design students to learn more about the industry and business of surface pattern design that wasn't taught in school. We started with a few meetings in the living room of one of our founding members. The speakers were illustrators that I had worked with in my day job as an art director. They were artists who had built up their own businesses as surface pattern designers. Soon word spread through the textile school we attended that these meetings were happening and our meetings became quite well attended, more so than our original living room could handle! Luckily we were able to find a local hall we were able to rent out on a monthly basis. The guild membership kept growing and our desire to reach out to an even larger group led us to create a website. Then came an archive of our meeting notes and tutorials, a chat forum, a place on our website for our members to promote their work, an informative blog and a great resource page of helpful industry links and lots more engaging speakers. All of this was organized by a small group of 5 women who donated their time and special skills to make it happen. And now we've got a robust steering committee of 7 women volunteers who are dedicated to continuing this great supportive community of surface pattern designers. We are proud to say that we now have about 100 members worldwide, and growing!

Surface Pattern Design Guild
Blog: surfacepatterndesignguild.org/spdg-blog  
Twitter: @SPDGuild
Facebook: facebook.com/surfacepatterndesignguild

Sarah Schwartz

Ruby Geisler

Claire Murray

Carol Van Zandt

Kevin Harris

Sarah Schwartz


(17th, 18th, 19th May 2015)
Booth #752