1 Feb 2018


Kunaka Kids is a new online shop selling African and Caribbean Dolls, books and accessories. My recent project was to design a company branding, design and build the website and set up the online shop. 


Kunaka Kids Website

Kunaka Kids was the idea of Monica, a mother of 2 young children. 
As Monica says...

"I have always had a strong sense of my identity as a black African woman, so I was quite surprised when my then 4-year-old daughter came home from nursery crying because her skin isn’t as fair and her hair isn’t as silky or straight, as her classmates. That day, I realised that it is not enough to just tell my daughter that all children are beautiful. That black children are beautiful and smart too. That she is beautiful... I would have to show her that it’s true."

After her experience with her daughter, Monica then set about searching for black dolls and story books with black characters, plus maybe even story books that included black culture. This is when she realised that they were not available in any local kids’ stores. She also found it quite hard to find online too! It was at this point that Monica decided to start Kunaka Kids.

So, needless to say, Kunaka Kids (‘kunaka’ means beauty in Monica's native Shona language) was borne out of the frustration from endless hours spent online searching for the perfect dolls and books for her children.

Kunaka Kids Promotional Postcards

Kunaka Kids Business Card

All of the clothes worn by the African dolls sold on Kunaka Kids, are made by women living in townships across Africa. From Nairobi, Kenya to the townships of Hammanskraal and Soshanguve in South Africa, these women are working hard to produce the intricate beading and detail that decorates our African dolls' clothing. The designs are inspired by the vibrant colors, patterns and textures of the townships. Kunaka Kids is pleased to be associated with these efforts to empower women in their communities, by providing meaningful work opportunities that enable them to feed their children. So if your order is a little late, please be patient with us; these women are working very hard to complete your order.


" Kunaka Kids is rooted in my belief that by playing with black dolls and reading stories about black characters, black children will see themselves, their beauty, their strength and their potential, and all children will learn and appreciate the diversity of all cultures."

Monica Shupikai Simmons

Photography by Rosa Fay Photography